September 10 -13, 2014

East Tennessee is an area steeped in the traditions of military service and respect for our veterans.

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A Community Celebrates the Life of a Hero

Apr 11 In a small southern town, crowds of humbled neighbors came together and lined the streets of their community as if waiti... Read More »

Meet the Sponsors

Support from our community, patrons and sponsors makes the Medal of Honor Knoxville Convention possible. Meet the sponsors .

"Knoxville is proud of its veterans and honors them everyday. Together, we can honor our veterans and help perpetuate the legacy of the Medal of Honor."

JOE E. THOMPSON, III ยท Co-Chairman of the Medal of Honor Convention

Honoring Our Heroes

World War II veteran Sam Hardman, spokesman for HonorAir Knoxville and member of the East Tennessee Military Affairs Council, passed away Aug. 16, 2013. He was 95.

Troy McGill
Mitchell Stout
Charles L. McGaha