step 1
Step 1 of 13: The base of the medal is made by striking a brass blank.
Step 2
Step 2 of 13: After creating the blanks, employees anneal and re-strike the piece. |
step 3
Step 3 of 13: The piece is trimmed before being pierced where the anchor assembly will be attached. |
Step 4
Step 4 of 13: Two holes drilled in the top allow the attachment of the anchor. |
Step 5
Step 5 of 13: The Medal is dipped to apply a coat of antique finish to the Medal. |
Step 6
Step 6 of 13: After the antiquing process, the Medal is hand-finished and polished. |
Step 7
Step 7 of 13: Finally, the Medal is sprayed with lacquer before the suspension assembly is attached. |
Step 8
Step 8 of 13: Artisans use an 85/15 brass blank to create the anchor for the suspension assembly. |
Step 9
Step 9 of 13: After they blank and strike the anchor, they trim and pierce the blank. |
Step 10
Step 10 of 13: After piercing the anchor, rings are soldered to the back, adjacent to the anchor hooks. |
Step 11
Step 11 of 13: The staff cuts 27.5-inch lengths of ribbon and turns back the ends for 1/4 inch edges. |
Step 12
Step 12 of 13: The anchor suspension piece is attached to the Medal. |
Step 13
Step 13 of 13: After stitching the ribbon, the staff attaches snaps, the metal suspension piece and pad. |
Finally each Medal, along with bar and rosette, is packaged and boxed for the next recipient.

Each Medal of Honor goes through many steps in its journey to completion. Here are the steps to complete a Navy Medal of Honor, requiring about four hours.